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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I sell my points or miles?
There are many reasons why selling your points or miles is the best option. You collect points from your day to day credit card purchases or frequent flyer miles when you fly but never find availability to redeem them when you want. You don’t have the time to fly or you prefer cash-in-hand for some other more important purpose.

2. How long will it take before my points or miles are sold?
Our goal is to connect your points/miles with someone who needs them right away. Since there are sometimes more sellers looking to cash out than buyers, we typically put your name on our inventory list and we will contact you as soon as your name gets to the top of that list. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 30 days.

3. How much will I get paid?
It varies widely on the type of miles or point you’re selling. The average seller receives between 1 - 1.5 cents per mile or point. This means between $1,000 to $1,500 per 100,000 miles or points. Request a free quote with us to get a specific offer price.

4. How do I get paid?
We prefer paying everyone using direct deposit or Wire Transfer. For larger transactions, we can only do a bank wire transfer.

5. When do I get paid?
Unlike many other brokers in the industry, we pay you immediately! As soon as your points or miles are taken out of your account, we send you the money via direct deposit or wire transfer.

6. Is trading points & miles legal?
YES! There are no laws restricting the sale or barter of points or frequent flyer miles.

7. Is there a limit on how many Points I can trade?
There is no maximum of how much you can trade, we do however, have a minimum of 100,000 points/miles per transaction.

8. Is your trading process secure?
ABSOLUTELY! We work diligently in protecting your information by using cutting-edge technologies to secure our client's information that is entrusted to us. For more details, please visit our privacy policy page.

9. How do I sell my Amex, Chase Ultimate, SPG Points?
1 Upon agreeing on the rates and miles. You will transfer your Amex, Chase Ultimate or SPG points directly into your own Asia Miles, Aeroplan, Emirates, Singapore Krisflyer, Alaska, British Airways accounts.
2 You will forward the account information to us once the points show up in the account.
3 Our office will make a booking with the points in your account. We will then send you the payment via wire transfer or Direct Deposit.

10. How do I sell American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, United Airlines points?
1 Upon agreeing on the rates and miles. Our office will forward the reservation details to you. You will call the airlines to confirm the booking with your credit card.
2 You will forward the e ticket to us. Our office will then send you the payment via Direct Deposit or Wire Transfer.

Feel free to call us at 786-229-3841 if you have any question. We are open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST. We are closed on all major holidays.

Client Reviews

I had around 285,000 rewards points in my account, and I sold them to Sell Rewards Points. I really loved the price they paid me and their quick service.

Jacob Ray - New York

Client Reviews

Sell Rewards Points is a very good company for selling unused air miles; I sold several rewards points and miles to them and got a good price for it.

Todd Tyler - Houston
Client Reviews

So far this is the best website for selling rewards points and air miles, I never tried air miles brokers until I tried Sell Rewards Points and I'm glad I did.

Kelly Brown - Georgia